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emily20 12.05.10 - 12:04pm
girl9.GIFmwah *

lve2u 12.05.10 - 12:05pm
waoooooooow s*xy gal in this group, i never see b4. *

neilmrtn 12.05.10 - 05:29pm
boldbld can i know that why you ban from FALLEN ROSES GROUP ? Dont hide your Reality infront of nice group. Its a group where nice peoples can stay . Mr.Dk if this person didnt reply Our answer then ban him from our group ... *

arshad75 12.05.10 - 09:01pm

neilmrtn 13.05.10 - 01:43am
boldbld abuses the FALLEN ROSES founder that is ur.fairy and now come to our group so that he can show that boldbld is another nick of me .. He has many fake ids by which everytime he sent the dirty messages to ur.fairy ... So its request to all moderators ban him or remove him from our group ... *

anshul26 13.05.10 - 01:48am
as longers as he not make dirthy words or abuse this group is doesnt matter, becouse how the ppl behave is deppen on the group or individual there! *

lve2u 13.05.10 - 01:57am
yes neil, anshul is right, we cannot jugde the ppl becouse we dnt like, if here he's good behavior y dnt give him a chance?
as anshul said all is deppend on the group, our group here are clean, no flriting and dirthy words, so all us are respected. *

emily20 13.05.10 - 02:00am
yes neil, is only fairy grop get abuse y u so confuse, other grop not rigt? *

lve2u 13.05.10 - 02:02am
ok guys, just we think that y is only fairy group was abused? and thats the owner only can answer. *

switgl 13.05.10 - 02:07am
hello guys, good morning, what happening here? *

emily20 13.05.10 - 02:08am
frenz rid frm the start *

switgl 13.05.10 - 02:09am
i see, ok, neil maybe worry abt this group, but u cnt onounce like that nei.
both lve and anshul as right, so my say is the only owner knw abt the real problem, as other group are fine. *

lve2u 13.05.10 - 02:12am
yes swtgal that what in my mind. ok why wj doesnt appear since long time, we have to listen for her viewers as she s moderator here. *

switgl 13.05.10 - 02:13am
yes lve u are right. *

wj27 13.05.10 - 02:19am
hi guys, let me chek first... *

wj27 13.05.10 - 02:25am
hmm, so this is the problem.
neil, u cannot do that to our friend as u dnt knw the real problem and what exactly happened. yes u may be worry, but the way u inform to us sould be noy in this way.
pardon me to saying this to u. and dont worry, this group will never have any that kind of problem, so we have to take care of friend feelings, and hope as im dnt do any mistake here. *

neilmrtn 13.05.10 - 02:27am
this is not only about in between fairy or any other group .. But they have the other nicks like roller8, boldbld, fitter4u and so many which use dirty words . If we cant take any step then it may be even harmful to our group also . *

neilmrtn 13.05.10 - 02:29am
thanks all for your supportive messages .. *

wj27 13.05.10 - 02:34am
so thats y neil i say we have to take care abt friends feelings.
ok he might abused in that group, but thats is the owner problem, not ours. *

wj27 13.05.10 - 02:39am
and sorry, we r not supporting, we r telling the fact to u. *

lve2u 13.05.10 - 02:43am
wj, look like neil the one who unhappy with us now. *

wj27 13.05.10 - 02:47am
no my friend, dont worry, neil not that kind of ppl who geting unhappy with no reason.
he will be fine, i guess he busy right now. *

wj27 13.05.10 - 02:49am
ok leave it aside abt this matter.
dnt mentions it anymore *

lve2u 13.05.10 - 02:53am
ok wj, understand. *

jams08 13.05.10 - 03:05am

lve2u 13.05.10 - 03:08am
welcome ravin.....
enjoy here with us *

emily20 13.05.10 - 03:27am
pravin u look so hensame *

aldo23 13.05.10 - 05:37am
whats going on here?hello3.GIF *

switgl 13.05.10 - 07:16am
aldo hello2.GIFnothing! *

gitanjli 13.05.10 - 12:49pm
Anshul welcome you in group .. You are so handsome *

gitanjli 13.05.10 - 12:50pm
My name is Gitanjli . *

wj27 13.05.10 - 01:26pm
gitanjli how are you? *

kymana 8.07.10 - 05:10am
airkiss.GIF kia ora 2 u all kymana aka robyn :) mwah *

41424890 13.09.11 - 06:20pm
Hi! friend my dear name is Rohit Joshi *

neilmrtn 19.10.11 - 02:42pm
Welcome you in group .. kamyana and rohit ... *

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