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Subject: LovE nEvEr hAppEn twiicE iiN liifE
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jams08 13.05.10 - 01:58am
Do you believe in 1st sight love ? if this happens with you in your life :-) *

jams08 13.05.10 - 03:13am
No, i dont coz luv means 2 share feelings n we cant share in 1st sight......D FACT IS DAT WE ONLY LIk3 P3RSON AT 1ST SIGHT N U LIK3 2 TALK N SLOWLY U 2 FALL IN LUV N DEY SAY ITS 1ST SIGHT LUV. *

wj27 13.05.10 - 03:23am
i believe, and no believe. *

emily20 13.05.10 - 03:26am
i bilive love is sweet *

jams08 13.05.10 - 06:48am
Hey emiley its nt u blive in luv or nt...its dat u blive in 1st sight luv or nt n Y? *

aldo23 13.05.10 - 07:09am
i dnt believe, coz it nvr happend to me. *

41424890 12.02.12 - 06:06am
yes i beleave in love but love is a sweet poison. *

neilmrtn 15.02.12 - 08:33am
There is an innate romanticism attached to the thought of meeting someone and having them hitting enough emotional triggers immediately to just know. I think yes i believe ....... *

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